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What is is a browser add-on that automatically compares the prices of anything you're shopping for, and instantly provides you with any available deals and coupon codes so you'll always find the lowest price. But it doesn't end there - you can also share those great savings with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

How does work?

Whenever you're shopping online, will find you the lowest prices and the best deals. collects the information from our huge database containing 1000s of retailers - and then compares prices and finds you any available coupon codes and deals in an instant. even gives you the link directly to the retailer so you can purchase your item straight away!

Is a retailer?

No. Items are purchased directly from the retailer. We just find you the lowest prices and the best deals. To purchase your desired item, click on the price button in the window and it will take you to the retailer product page.

I have a problem with my purchase. Should I contact

No. You will have to contact the retailer where you purchased your item, or contact the manufacturer directly.

Is the same in Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer?

Yes. Using is the same - no matter what your preferred web browser is (Internet Explorer version, coming soon)

Is the same in Bing, Google, or Yahoo?

Yes. Using is the same - no matter what your preferred web browser is.

Is safe to use?

Yes. has been vetted and approved by Google and Mozilla, and certified by Softpedia - which means it's just as safe and secure when used in any of the suitable web browsers and search engines.

And is my data secure?

Yes. The add-on does not have access to your personal information. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Do I have to disable my browser pop-up blocker to use

No. You can use without having to change your browser pop-up preferences.

Do the prices provides include postage and packaging/shipping and handling charges?

No. only provides you with the prices of your desired item. Please refer to the retailer for information on postage and packaging/shipping and handling charges.

Do my friends need to have installed to view the great deals and savings I want to share with them?

No. Your great deals and savings are shared directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Which territories does cover?

We currently cover the UK and the USA, but Australia and Europe will follow soon.

What do I do if I'm having technical difficulties?

Please email us with your problem using our contact form ( please click here ) But don't forget to tell us which browser (name and version, e.g. Firefox 3.5.7) and operating system you're using.

Retailer? Want to know more?

If you're a retailer and want to know more about listing your products or current deals and promotions through, please contact us using our contact form ( please click here )

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Add the Booly Money Saving Addon to your browser, and it will automatically detect if better prices or coupon codes are available as you shop online.